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A community for free trade copying in Forex. It is fully free. There are no catches. You just have to be able to work out how to use the copy trader.

New Zealand Forex Traders

Forex trading subreddit - New Zealand


This is an open community for every type of day trader whether if you're beginner or expert. The purpose of this subreddit is to share trading experiences, trade reviews, knowledge drops, market news and generally anything related to trading. We will be mainly focused on day trading US equities but will not be limited swing trading, crypto or forex.

FTMO Forex Trading Community

FTMO Forex Trading Community

Reddit FTMO Forex Trading Community was created with the following intentions:
- To help new and professional traders learn and improve their forex trading skills as best as we can,
- To help Traders know more about FTMO and how to get funded by them,
- To help/guide new traders in passing the FTMO challenge and verification stage.
- To be with other like-minded forex traders.
So Welcome all to "The Reddit FTMO Forex Trading Community ".
Cheers and stay safe .
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Binary/forex trading community❤❤❤

Trade now that you're strong and healthy Time wait for no man! Tomorrow might be too late!! You have all it takes to be financially free!!!


📩📩imbox me to get started💪💪💪🥇🏅
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Benefits of Joining a Forex Trading Community

Joining a forex trading community as immense benefits for a trader to gain a wide variety of knowledge. The following blog as a collection of reasons why every trader should join a trading community for sure. Read more here -
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Mare | Forex Tips

Mare | Forex Tips is a Forex Trading community. We started our community to help people earn money through Forex.

If you don't have experience with Forex, we made a tutorial explaining everything you need to know before you get started.
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New forex and trading community

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Question about support and resistance someone said its a lie

I came across a facebook post in a forex trading community and saw 2 people arguing about support and resistance.
So this guy who I will call him Tom,said that support and resistance is a delusion that many believe and follow,as logically support and resistance are only lines drawn on a chart that only connect the dots to the past,and only provides info on the current price level in relation to the past.Tom also said you can just set trailing stop loss and break even stop loss, walk away and take profits with WR of 70 - 90%.
Now I do not trade forex and am learning how to trade low cap market stocks,but the part of support and resistance actually got me thinking and it make sense logically to me personally since the past doesn't necessarily dedicate the future.I thought for a while and think its because support and resistance is taught as one of the basics to traders and investors,so millions of them applied it on the stock market and it became one of the basic rules of this game.
But what if most investors and traders stop using support and resistance and just use trailing/break even stop loss instead?What would you use as an instrument to measure your R and where to take profits?I personally think if most traders/investors just use trailing/break even stop loss it would just form a set level of support/resistance which many people would just use it as a measurement and form another strategy to make money from.
Also the volume + support/resistance to me is also a measurement of the market psychology,so while it measures the past and doesn't guarantee the prices will behave the same in the future,by also looking at both volume + support/resistance objectively,it shows that the price movement would likely be the same if the volume is close/same as the day measured in the past,hence its a probability.
I have only recently started studying about low cap stocks few months ago,so what Tom mentioned has been bugging me for a while now since it makes sense to me logically.I would really appreciate the opinions of you guys who are much more experienced than me :D
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How to Use Signals to Become a Successful Forex Trader

How to Use Signals to Become a Successful Forex Trader
Forex trading can be a very lucrative endeavour. It can also be highly interesting, too, because of the day-to-day challenges and excitement it offers. Perhaps, those two benefits are the primary reasons so many are becoming increasingly attracted to it. Become a member of the 1000Pip Builder Forex trading community by signing up here.
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Are you new here? Want to know where to start? Don't understand why something happened? START HERE!

Hello and welcome to The /Forex Trading Community!

Please do not post a new thread until you have read through our WIKI/FAQ. It is highly likely that your questions are already answered there.
All members are expected to follow our sidebar rules. Some rules have a zero tolerance policy, so be sure to read through them to avoid being perma-banned without the ability to appeal. (Mobile users, click the info tab at the stop of our subreddit to view the sidebar rules.)
Don't forget to join us in our live trading chatroom!
*Finally, *the most commonly posted questions by new members are as followed:
What is a good broker to use?
We have some great info on brokers listed in our wiki:
What is the best prop / scouting firm for forex? has a great writeup on forex prop / scouting firms that can be found here.
What just happened in the markets? - You must follow an economic calendar if you're a currency trader. This will explain many events and snap market moves. You can find links to resources and calendars here. - Again, questions of this nature will be removed.
If you have any questions regarding our policies, rules, etc.. please message the mods.
Be friendly and professional toward each other and enjoy your stay! :)
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TracingDelta has been created

The #1 Forex Trading Community on Reddit.
No Gurus. No Signals. No Bullshit.
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Group Chat

Hello everyone, I'm just getting started in the Forex Trading community and i was wonder if there was a group chat made up of well educated people in this field to help me take my beginner steps. Also i feel like if we have a group chat were people make educated suggestion on when to buy and sell on something and everyone makes money we all win. I'm a MT4 user.
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Are there Forex trading groups/communities/mentoring in Canberra?

Hello everyone!
Does anybody know of any Forex trading groups or communities within Canberra?
What about mentors for Forex trading?
Thanks in advance
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Your Forex Trading community! /Forex is for traders who are serious about sharpening their skills and becoming consistently profitable in any market. Discuss trade setups, fundamentals, technicals, and other trading topics.
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Been trading BTC and crypto’s for years. N I’m finally holding myself accountable and documenting and sharing trades and TA ! Also started trading FOREX when btc is slow ! FREE 🎁 FOR 10 more days !!! We are building a special community of traders ! Let’s grow together !

After years of trading BTC and others ... I finally decided to document all and hold myself accountable! .. creating a group where we document and share ideas 💡 and so much more ! .. free 🎁 included inside .. happy holidays my friends ! Namaste
I found I was jumping in and out of trades .., and regardless of successful trades. Those large losses were holding me down. Especially after the 2 years post 2017 ! I have found documentation and holding to my rules has helped incredibly !
i started with a small group of friends who could see my trades and give advice and of course ask for advice and TA .. on any crypto or forex .. focusing heavy on BTC !
It’s been goin well and thank you to the support of everyone within the kind collective and kindcrypto trading group ! This has opened my eyes to mistakes and good habits to focus on ! And it’s great to be able to look back 👀 and see how all played out !
I decided .. along with a few others in the collective to offer a holiday special .. to bring in new / quality traders to our group ! We are offering the first year for free ... for the next 12 days as a holiday special you may use the FREE link below to join our “kindcrypto premium collective" (after the holidays we will be offering a donation type program as we will be adding all members to our new website about to debut ! .. I hope you use the free link... and join us ! 😉)
free link to join premium kindcrypto
We also give training and advice to all members , offer TA on any asset when requested . And offer special treats from time to time !
Look forward to growing together ! We can continue education and idea hunting to become better traders as a team ! Always trying to find an extra edge !
Seeya soon hopefully ! Once joined ... I’ll hit you up n introduce....
Happy holiday my friends
free link to join
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Avenger Trader Review – Is It Legit or Scam?

A Mechanical System That Really Works or Just a Scam ? Apart from the launch of the Fap Turbo robot, the launch of Forex Avenger was probably the biggest event of the 2008 year in the Forex trading community. The creator of Forex Avenger promised to bring us a trading system that is entirely mechanical with step-by-step, easy to follow instructions and an average success rate of 75% or higher. To find out if all the hype about this system was true, I decided to buy the product and test it myself.
Forex Avenger Did Forex Avenger deliver on its promises? It certainly did..see my full review below for more information. A mechanical system that consistently makes profitable trades is what most Forex traders are after. It is a known fact that even a system with a consistent success rate of 50% can make you money if you use good money management techniques to minimize losses and maximize profits. However, purely mechanical systems that make consistent profits are surprisingly scarce and finding a trader who makes a living from such a system is even harder, but Dave Curran is one such trader and Forex Avenger is the exact system that he uses to make a full time living trading the Forex markets. Forex Avenger is a mechanical Forex trading system that uses easy to follow technical indicators to determine when to buy or sell a currency pair. The system requires absolutely no discretion and the entry/exit rules are completely mechanical, so it is virtually impossible to make a mistake.
Click Here to Visit the Forex Avenger Homepage
What does Forex Avenger Consist Of? Firstly, it is important to note that Forex Avenger is not an automated trading system like Fap Turbo, it is a manual trading system that can be used with any broker, on any trading platform. When you purchase the Forex Avenger product you immediately gain access to the full system, which consists of an 87 page ebook in pdf format, various videos and a number of bonusses. The ebook contains a detailed introduction to Forex trading of around 40 pages, which can be skipped by experienced traders. The core of the Forex Avenger system are made up by the following components:
The Forex Avenger System The main Forex Avenger system trades the EURUSD currency pair on the 1Hour timeframe. The system uses 2 standard indicators to determine entry signals and there are 1-2 trading opportunities every day. Exact profit targets and stop loss values are defined, so once a trade is entered you are done with it until either the stop loss of profit target is hit. One advantage of this system is the fact that you can see when there won’t be a trading opportunity in the near future, so you don’t have to monitor the hourly charts constantly. This system only requires you to look at the charts once every hour, at the close of the hourly candle. The Set ‘n Sleep System The Set ‘n Sleep system uses the same indicators as the main Forex Avenger system, but on the daily charts and a slightly different entry strategy is used. Trading opportunities don’t come often with this system, but all the major currency pairs can be traded, which should present around 2-3 trading opportunities per week. While the main Forex Avenger system requires some attention during the day, the Set ‘n Sleep system is ideal for the part time trader that can only trade after hours. This system only requires you to look at the charts once a day. Training Videos The videos included with the Forex Avenger packages are very detailed and really teaches you everything you need to know about the system. The video series starts with a good introduction where Dave Curran talks a bit about his history as a trader and how the Forex Avenger system was invented. Each of the systems above are then explained in great detail and various sample trades are performed. If you prefer watching video over reading an ebook, then the videos will teach you all you need to know about the system.
Click Here to Visit the Forex Avenger Homepage
Is Forex Avenger Profitable? I have spent a lot of time backtesting this system against historical data and so far I am VERY impressed by the results. Both of the trading systems inside Forex Avenger are completely mechanical and incredibly accurate. The success rate is consistently around 75% and I can easily see how it is possible to achieve the kind of profits that are advertised. I am very excited about forward testing this system and hope to start posting results soon. Check the Forex Avenger category of this blog for my latest feedback.
Conclusions and Recommendations Once you start watching the Forex Avenger videos you quickly realize that Dave Curran is very passionate and proud of his system and that this is not just another hyped up scam that doesn’t deliver. This system caters for both the day trader as well as the part time trader and if what you are looking for is a simple, mechanical trading system that makes consistent profits under any market conditions, then Forex Avenger should be one of the top systems on your list to investigate.
Click Here to Visit the Forex Avenger Homepage
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@AlphaexCapital : Join our trading community for free: click here to join #investing #forex #fxtrading #money #forextrading #finance

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Join are community of traders, were we discuss forex,news and signals for FREE, admin are based in london canary wharf we get tips,hints,news,signals and upcoming events.
Learn which apps and sites to use when tracking information before placing a TRADE weather this is a DEMO or LIVE ACCOUNT.
Join via telegram link below:

Company: City Trade Global

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Uprose Token distribution breakup. Hurry up and Join The Growing Uprose Community! For more information : #uprose #ico #crytocurrency #blockchain #crypto #price #trading #forex #money #investment #cryptotrading #coinbase #newcurrency #instatrading #token

Uprose Token distribution breakup. Hurry up and Join The Growing Uprose Community! For more information : #uprose #ico #crytocurrency #blockchain #crypto #price #trading #forex #money #investment #cryptotrading #coinbase #newcurrency #instatrading #token submitted by UproseFinMart to u/UproseFinMart [link] [comments]

Uprose Ecosystem Key Features Hurry up and Join The Growing Uprose Community! For more information : #uprose #ico #crytocurrency #blockchain #crypto #price #trading #forex #money #investment #cryptotrading #coinbase #newcurrency #instatrading #token

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Review of Uprose ICO.Hurry up and Join The Growing Uprose Community ! For more information : #uprose #ico #crytocurrency #blockchain#crypto #price #trading #forex #money#investment #cryptotrading #coinbase#newcurrency #instatrading #token

Review of Uprose ICO.Hurry up and Join The Growing Uprose Community ! For more information : #uprose #ico #crytocurrency #blockchain#crypto #price #trading #forex #money#investment #cryptotrading #coinbase#newcurrency #instatrading #token submitted by UproseFinMart to u/UproseFinMart [link] [comments]

Uprose Token Fund distribution breakup. Hurry up and Join The Growing Uprose Community! For more information : #uprose #ico #crytocurrency #blockchain #crypto #price #trading #forex #investment #cryptotrading #coinbase #newcurrency #instatrading #token

Uprose Token Fund distribution breakup. Hurry up and Join The Growing Uprose Community! For more information : #uprose #ico #crytocurrency #blockchain #crypto #price #trading #forex #investment #cryptotrading #coinbase #newcurrency #instatrading #token submitted by UproseFinMart to u/UproseFinMart [link] [comments]

Key Features Of Uprose Hurry up and Join The Growing Uprose Community ! For more information : #uprose #ico #crytocurrency #blockchain#crypto #digialcurrency #trading #forex #money#investment #cryptotrading #digialcurrency#coinbase#newcurrency #instatrading #token

Key Features Of Uprose Hurry up and Join The Growing Uprose Community ! For more information : #uprose #ico #crytocurrency #blockchain#crypto #digialcurrency #trading #forex #money#investment #cryptotrading #digialcurrency#coinbase#newcurrency #instatrading #token submitted by UproseFinMart to u/UproseFinMart [link] [comments]

Should you join a FOREX trading community? [what you ... Things I Wish I Knew as a New Forex Trader - YouTube crypto forex trading community online - YouTube Forex Beginner Trader Community  Live Forex Market Analysis  Beginner Forex Mentorship  Forex Forex Community - YouTube

Welcome to's Reddit Forex Trading Community! Here you can converse about trading ideas, strategies, trading psychology, and nearly everything in between! ---- We also have one of the largest forex chatrooms online! ---- /r/Forex is the official subreddit of, a trading forum run by professional traders. hosts and moderates our chatroom, and has developed such ... Join cTrader community to find platform's latest updates & help guides, download indicators & cBots, connect to experts, discuss with other traders in forum. Trader Batam Community adalah Nama baru dari Forexbatam yaitu website berisi informasi seputar forex serta belajar forex untuk pemula, Anda juga dapat berlangganan melalui email di atas ini untuk mendapatkan info update artikel baru Hi, I’m JJ and I have been creating a community of Forex traders to learn together and support each other. Since I started forward testing my NNFX algorithm on YouTube, I have shared my journey allowing folks to follow along and look over my shoulder as I execute trades and discuss my rational. Along the way, I have created several useful NNFX tools to organize my trading and help keep me ... Treffen Sie Trader aus Ihrer Region in unserer Community und tauschen Sie sich über Aktien, CFDs, Forex und was sonst noch einen Trader interessiert aus. There are about 24 sub-forums under categories like Education and Analyst Research, Traders Lounge, Trade the Markets with our Analysts, Forex Education, FXCM Account Support and Trading Platforms ... Having a trading community is a necessity in this industry of foreign exchange, Pti Forex offers a very helpful community which is dedicated to improving your trading. What You'll Get : Mentorship. Trade Together. Online 1 on 1 meetings. Webinars (Educational) Market Analysis. Signals. Coparate Trading. Market Conferances. Enquire . Choose your plan. Monthly $ 29. 99. Month. 500 GB Bandwidth ... Forex trading bears intrinsic risks of loss. You must understand that Forex trading, while potentially profitable, can make you lose your money. Never trade with the money that you cannot afford to lose! Trading with leverage can wipe your account even faster. CFDs are leveraged products and as such loses may be more than the initial invested ... This section contains dedicated Forex forums and communities where traders share experience, discuss various issues and communicate with companies’ representatives. Also, as our follower in social networks, you can track the most important market, economic, and LiteForex’s news in a laid-back manner. Besides, our official pages are exactly the place where we post information on our new ... You trade Forex? Join the trading community of traders and investors. Watch and share trading ideas, trades and strategies. Get rewarded for your commitment and added content. JOIN FOR FREE. By clicking sign up you agree to the Terms & Conditions. We are paying active users for their commitment. Add trade ideas or educational articles, share them with friends, provide signals or bring your ...

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Should you join a FOREX trading community? [what you ...

In this week's Mindset of a Successful Trader video, the Kingdom Tradehouse community breaks down the habits, behavior, and mindset of successful traders wit... Canal gratuito dedicado a compartir contenido educativo y practico en lo referentes a la operación de mercados de divisas FOREX. * Análisis de mercado y oper... forex crypto trading community online - If you are looking for forex crypto trading community online, then watch this video ... In this clip we discuss whether you should join a forex trading community and 5 key points covering some pros and cons. Forex communities are all over and it... FOREX PROFITS AND LIFESTYLE... Forex trading need one, here's why. Ready to earn with trading, while you learn the skillset? Go here Join my Free For... Forex Beginner Trader Community Live Forex Market Analysis Beginner Forex Mentorship Forex Hey Traders in todays video I share a clip of me helping oth...