Monitoring of Unhedged Foreign Currency Exposure

Dive Bar Pub Crawl - The Last Six

I'm doing a tribute to the 24 days of Christmas by going over the financial statements of 24 companies that are considered downrange, speculative, and just plain high risk.
Our first six stops is fondly captured here, the second one is here, and the third set is here.
All opinions are my own, and certainly not a recommendation for or against any of them, or to buy or sell.
Many are companies I've never looked at before. In some cases, I'd never even heard of them. I limited myself to 45mins to each, and kept mainly to most recent financial statements and MD&A's. You'll likely know more about the company than me if you're following them. This is only my reactions with a brief commentary about what I saw in the financial statements.
IN - Inmed Pharmacuetical
Boring. Financials look relatively clean. Risk centres on whether their potential treatment for glaucoma is better than existing therapies. If you know any specializing clinical ophthalmologists, I’d ask them. Rare disease drugs usually are chasing high cost drugs paid for by public systems. Again, pharma isn’t my wheelhouse. But I have a high investor interest in the end use THC and CBD. Because I’m a commodity guy, that’s why.
TGIF - Friday Night Inc.
Blech to branding. If it was a car, it’d have flames painted on the sides and a naked chick shaped air freshener. Hard to pin the back story, there is one. Earnings are there, assets getting picked up, including land for expansion or grow. Diversifying a little, doesn’t look like they’re focusing on much but core business. Business risk is in competitive environment in Nevada and customer retention important - might be a gazillion of them there soon. I ran out of time trying to get my head around their story, store location(s) should reveal target market. Relatively straightforward financials, revenues will need to increase to support market cap and internal hurdle rate. Potential to move up a weight class with solid growth in earnings.
ICC International Cannabis Corp
Financial statements that report on operations in multiple jurisdictions are complex relative to a single one. ICC have assets, permits, but few sales to report. Logistics and movement of psychoactive substances across borders is not simple either. If one is looking to invest in something like this, best to have a really good handle on where the outfit is at, and how well it can execute. Way beyond the purposes of this crawl. All I can say has been said.
MGW - Maple Leaf Green World
Current cash won’t support all the hopes and dreams, will need alot more. Needs to monetize any production asap. Fair amount of shares out there. Will probably be back to markets/private placement shortly. Threat is that it’s late to the party. If they’re real and execute with precision, could be really something. That’s a definite positive. Too many in this space step over dollars to pick up nickels, this one looks austerely managed. Needs license pronto.
VGW - Valens GroWorks
Pretty ‘family’ in nature through related payments and all. Looks fallow at the moment awaiting license upgrades. Not a very professional feel, looks splatter gun. Also looks to be getting there, but can't get a feel about ops. Still raising money. Potential, but could be hamstrung by lack of capacity. Throughput revenue on extraction would be sexy, but unknowns abound about capacity and planned operating end state.
TRTC - TerraTech Corporation
Execution looks good in-stores. I know nothing else. Consider this one like a Christmas gift you have to assemble.
That’s it. The elves are gassed again, and are looking for the rum I hid after their last fiasco. I'm thinking about giving it back to them, they've been filling shot glasses with the liquids left in the drink mats on the bar.
I am grateful to have gotten this last one out of them. I attached several that were left out and reasons below - just to ensure you get all the Dive Bar goodies that are in the finger bowl.
There isn’t much salt left on the peanuts though, the elves had licked it off before putting them back.
Merry Christmas from us here. We might post a naughty and nice list out of the 24 looked at if the elves are willing.
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