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Analysis paralysis according to Wikipedia is the state of over analyzing (or overthinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.
Have you ever being in of those scenarios where you see what you believe initially to be a perfectly good trade setup, however as you continue to analyse and study the situation you begin to feel less and less confident about the trade and you are not sure why this happened. I know most traders would have encountered this scenario at some point in their trading journey because I myself have also experienced it.
This is a common scenario for traders and it occurs mostly when the trader has too much congestion in their thinking. With this highly congested thinking which happens as a result of too many detailed options, it leads to the outcome of a choice not being made. Analysis paralysis can happen in trading when the trader is afraid of making any decision that could to lead to a bad trade.
Most traders often over analyse themselves right out of a quality trade setup, and it can be very much problematic, in the sense that it can have severe negative consequences on the traders performance and the traders psychology. Over analysis can also cause a trader to jump out of a perfectly good trade they have already executed. The purpose of this article is to figure out the ways analysis paralysis negatively impacts trading and its solutions.
Too many external influences Have you ever been in a scenario when you woke up in the morning, get yourself ready, turn on your laptop, pull up your trading platform, go through it and spot a very good setup, a setup that defines your edge then you decide to pull up cnbc, Bloomberg etc or you decide to ask your friend. After all you have read and hearing your friends opinion about that setup you realize your mindset has been turned against the setup you were so confident about before you decided to listen to other opinions, then you shut your laptop only for you to turn it back on later to see that the setup is playing out exactly as you initially anticipated it to.
Solution: Making a decision to ignore external influences
The key to ignoring external influences such as the ones discussed above is to be a lone soldier in this psychological battlefield called the forex market. This is something every trader must do because their survival and tendency to arrive at a consistent and successful trading journey depends on it. For this lone ranger status to be attained the trader needs to simply gain the understanding and knowledge that these external influences are only there to hurt them. Once the trader fully believes and accepts this, such trader will no longer care about them and instead focus more on mastering their trading method.
Thinking yourself out of a good trade Most traders including me have been a victim of this scenario when you find a perfectly good setup that meets your edge in the market and instead of pulling the trigger and executing the trade you are just sited in front of your chart paralyzed as a result of over analyzing, and over thinking, looking around at different variables until you convince yourself the trade setup would not work.
Solution: Don’t think so hard about it
This aspect is a little bit complicated because there a lot of reasons traders think themselves out of perfectly good trading setups but the main two are fear and uncertainty. For a trader to become consistent and successful such trader needs to stop being afraid of losing money and the best way to overcome this fear is to accept it. Having it in mind that even the best traders in the world do have losing trades. having this in mind will help you eliminate the fear of losses. Also have it in mind that every trade is just another execution of your trading edge, don’t think too hard when you see a signal that meets your edge instead just pull the trigger by executing the trade and walking away.
Having a clustered chart Analysis paralysis would definitely creep in when it discovers a trader has a clustered chart, when I say a clustered chart I mean when a traders chart is crowded with different indicators like moving averages, stochastic, Bollinger bands etc I am not saying indicators are not good because I myself use a few of them but what I’m saying is that some traders chart can look messy because they have many different indicators on their chart and with trying to analyse all the numerous indicators all at the same would lead to analysis paralysis.
Solution: Decluster your chart
This one is very much straight forward, all the trader needs to do is to decluster their chart by removing all the conflicting indicators from their chart and adopt a straight forward, less conflicting trading method like price action trading.
Not having an edge Analysis paralysis can also creep in when a trader doesn’t have an edge in the market. When a trader doesn’t know what to look out for before pulling the trigger, such trader can be presented with a perfectly good setup and still won’t do anything.
Solution: Get an edge
All a trader in this situation needs to do is to research a trading method that suites his/her own personality, master it, and use it as their own edge in the market
Too little confidence in your ability as a trader Any trader who isn’t confident in their ability to trade would definitely attract analysis paralysis because such trader would always second guess themselves. As a trader you need to be decisive to make money.
Solution: Get proper training and quality screen time
The best solutions to low self confidence when it comes to forex trading are education and quality screen time. So any trader that finds themselves in this situation should get proper education on forex trading and after obtaining education and mastering a trading strategy the trader should simply get quality screen time by practicing their trading system on a demo account or on a live account with small funds, this would do a good job by boosting their confidence as traders.
In conclusion, even the best traders in the world at some point in their lives went through analysis paralysis scenarios. Scenarios where they have over thought and over analysed themselves out of quality setups but at the end of the day they still turned out good. So if you are having this issue carefully read the solutions and set out on your journey of departing from the island of analysis paralysis.
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