Jack Crooks on US, Canada Dollars

Is it possible to never succeed?

This might be a bit of a rant, at this point I'm confused about all of this life stuff.
I'm 24 years old and I know that can be quite young depending on perspective but I feel like I'm at the end. I've been an entrepreneur for about 6 years, I've also had multiple jobs in between. Does this cancel the whole entrepreneur thing?
I've done regular retail work, customer service management, real estate sales, call centre and more so I'm pretty well experienced. I give everything I do 110%, its just in my nature and I take pride in separating myself from the crowd.
I've done buying and selling of everything you can imagine (all legal) and I run an online clothing store. On top of that I've been in the stock market, forex etc. It might seem like I'm a jack of all trades but I try and put my efforts into 1 thing at a time. Have I still done too much?
No matter what i try, I keep failing, am I looking for instant gratification too much? I've been running the clothing brand for about 3 years now and its only just getting to a point where I might make £50-£100 in profit per month, on a good month. I've just been scammed for £4,000 by some crooks, my bank has said they can't help me. I don't really want to live anymore. I lost £5,000 doing a favour for someone 2 years ago.
What's the point of continuing if it seems like I'm only going to suffer. I'm a Christian and I actually paid tithes the same day I was scammed.
I don't know, I'm tired of this.
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